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3/13/2018 3:09:17 PMWikiScams: Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales Slams ICOsWikipedia’s founder Jimmy Wales likes the sound of Blockchain technology, but has slammed ICOs when it comes to raising capital, warning investors that they are scams. View Article
3/13/2018 6:40:10 AMMarathon Launches Large-Scale Bitcoin Mining OperationThe blockchain craze has resulted in a 58% rise in the stock price of the firm. View Article
3/13/2018 6:30:46 AMMarathon Patent Group Successfully Launches Canadian Bitcoin Mining OperationCryptocurrency mining has become a very big industry as of late. Companies from all over the world are searching for lucrative areas to mine Bitcoin. Canada has proven to be a rather promising region in this regard. The Marathon Patent Group is the latest company to set up a Bitcoin mining operation in Canada. Marathon... View Article View Article
3/13/2018 6:15:10 AMSouth Korea Regulators Considering Reversal of ICO Ban: ReportNearly six months after a blanket ban on ICO (initial coin offering) fundraising, South Korean regulators are reportedly planning to allow ICOs, under certain conditions. South Korea’s financial regulator and watchdog first banned initial coin offerings in late September 2017, citing concerns about fraud as a means to ultimately protect investors. The restrictive curbs came... View Article View Article
3/13/2018 6:07:07 AMDon’t Hate the Player, Hate the Game: Solving the Dating Industry’s Biggest ProblemReputation is the oldest currency known to man, which is why a rose by any other name will always remain a rose. But how much is yours worth? Reputation as a currency is dogged by two missing critical elements; the absence of any quantifiable mechanism for measuring it, and a safe, immutable protocol for exchanging... View Article View Article
3/13/2018 6:00:52 AMSpooked By SEC, Video Streaming ICO Halts Token ReleaseStream had a plan to launch its product, sell its tokens to investors and give away 500 million more. That’s all on hold now, as SEC action looms. View Article
3/13/2018 5:36:51 AMCambodia Blocks Crypto Transactions While Launching Its Own CryptocurrencyThe Cambodian government, while pursuing its own cryptocurrency Entapay, has paradoxically banned financial institutions from engaging in cryptocurrency transactions, creating a state of confusion for the country’s cryptocurrency entrepreneurs. Men Sam An, Cambodia’s Deputy Prime Minister, recently announced the launch of Entapay, a cryptocurrency, and encouraged the company to abide by the company’s laws, according... View Article View Article
3/13/2018 5:34:20 AMVanywhere’s Blockchain-Based Skill Sharing Platform Announces a Major Collaboration with QtumVanywhere, the skill-sharing platform that enables anyone with a marketable skill to capitalise on their knowledge and talent, is announcing today a collaboration with Qtum, the blockchain application platform. The Vanywhere marketplace runs on the smart VANY token, which adheres to the Qtum QRC20 token standard as the currency used for payment within the Vanywhere... View Article View Article
3/13/2018 5:33:29 AMThe Power of LoveThis is a submitted sponsored story. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned in the content below. All relationships are based on two kinds of outcomes; both parties mutually benefit from each other or the benefit becomes the prerogative of just one side of the... View Article View Article
3/13/2018 5:30:59 AMJapan Urges G20 Officials to Introduce Unified Crypto RegulationRegulating cryptocurrencies can be done in many different ways. Japan’s government has paved the way for a positive approach in this regard. The same country is now urging the G20 to maintain a positive approach as well. However, they do want the G20 to address potential money laundering issues. The G20 and Crypto Regulation It... View Article View Article
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